Coaching with Alicia

I’ve launched multiple successful small businesses. I’ve managed nonprofits. I’ve battled chronic illness… and won. I’ve authored books. I’ve taught seminars.

Most importantly, I believe YOU can also do everything you dream of doing. Let me help you turn your dreams into realities.

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Could you be living a bigger life?

Let me help!

As social creatures, we are not designed to make sense of our lives by ourselves. We need one another, but if we partner together we can accomplish things we never would have dreamed of otherwise.

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I offer individualized coaching on a variety of possible topics

Launching a Small Business or Nonprofit Ministry

Navigating Unemployment

Building a Thriving Marriage

Coping with Crisis

Enneagram Coaching

Personal Growth and Emotional Well-Being

Spiritual Development

Or honestly anything else you want to talk about!

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